Sunday, October 16, 2011

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Volume Two: Lizzy Anne's New Puppy

"Man's best friend" has become "girl's best friend"!

Bouncing off the walls from the day's start, Lizzy Anne skips out the door singing "Today is the day I'm going to get my new puppy!" Her parents try to calm her down, as does her neighbor Mr. Williams, but even he is swayed towards liking dogs by Lizzy Anne's enthusiasm. There was also quite the comical trading card anecdote – avid collectors would know exactly how the little Mr. Williams would feel!

Lizzy Anne and Missy spend a while daydreaming about their new puppy before they leave for the rescue. It's love at first sight for Lizzy Anne - and the next story continues the puppy love!

Pick up a copy and find out just what this puppy is like!