Sunday, January 27, 2013

Saturday, January 5, 2013

First Fun Facts! (More added on 1/6)

We thought we'd kick off 2013 with some of Lizzy Anne's "Fun Fact" Trivia!
Just like the last 'fun facts' post, highlight the white space next to 'answer' under each of the questions to see what the answer is.  Enjoy!

Chapter 1 Volume 4:

1- Question – Where do Grandma Nana and Grandpa Willie live?
Answer - Virginia 

2- Question – What is the name of Grandma Nana’s pet dog?
Answer – Gus

3- Question – What was the first prize in the Dairy Contest?
                  One hundred dollars
                  Dairy cow
Answer – $100

4- What did the banner at the entrance to the Great County Fair say?
                 Take a Ticket
                 Do Not Enter
                 Welcome to the Great County Fair
Answer –  Welcome to the Great County Fair

5 – Question – What is Lizzy Anne’s favorite snack at the Fair?
                    Cotton candy
                    Caramel popcorn
                    Corn dogs
Answer –    Cotton Candy

6 – Question – Why was the Dairy Contest delayed?
                       Due to a relay race
                       The cows escaped
                       There was a horse show
Answer - The cows escaped

7 – Question – Who won first prize at the Dairy Contest?
                         All of the Judges
                         Bessie the Cow
                         Susie the Baker
Answer – Bessie the Cow

Chapter 2 Volume 4:
1 - Question – What was Lizzy Anne wanting the wonderful news to be?
                        Go to the movies
                        To stay up late
                        A new bike
Answer -  A new bike

2 – Question – What was Jeffery’s signal for help?
                         By writing a note
                         Stomping his foot three times
Answer – Stomping his foot three times

3 – Question -  What is the name of Lizzy Anne’s third grade substitute teacher?  
                          Mrs. Stewing
                          Mr. Lohan
                          Mrs. Robertson                    
Answer – Mrs. Stewing

4 – Question – Who did Missy say Mrs. Stewing looked like?
                         The President’s wife
                         Mrs. Myers  
                         Grandma Nana
Answer – Grandma Nana

5 – Question – How long was Mrs. Blume away for?
                         Six weeks
                         Four months
                         Two weeks
Answer – Two weeks

6 – Question – Why did Lizzy Anne think she was seeing double?
                         She needed glasses
                         The new babies are identical twins
                         There were too many babies
Answer – The new babies are identical twins

7 – Question – Are the new babies brothers or sisters?
                        One brother, one sister
                        Two brothers
                        Two sisters
Answer – Two Sisters

Chapter 3 Volume 4:

1 – Question –What is the name of the new business? 
                        Lizzy Anne’s and Missy’s Pet Sitting Service
                        All Pets Welcome
                        Dogs and Cats Sitting Service    
Answer – Lizzy Anne’s and Missy’s Pet Sitting Service

2 – Question – What are the names of the Richardson’s two birds?
                        Sunny and Sunshine                            
                        Abigail and Ally
                        Knick and Knack
Answer – Knick and Knack

3 – Question – What happened to the Pet Sitting Instructions?
                         Lizzy Anne left it at home
                         Missy hid the instructions
                         Precious ate it
Answer – Precious ate it

4 – Question – Who helped the girls return the dogs?
                         Lizzy Anne’s parents
                         Mrs. Richardson
Answer – Jeremy

5 – Question – What happened to Mrs. Maxwell’s Rose bush?
                         Precious ate it
                         It was stepped on
                         Someone over watered it
Answer – Precious ate it

6 – Question - How many dogs each did Lizzy Anne and Missy walk?
Answer – Five

7- Question – What saying did Lizzy Anne hear on TV?
                        "Piece of cake!"
                        "That’s a winner!"
Answer – "Piece of cake!"