Sunday, August 5, 2012

Try out this fun mini-quiz about Lizzy Anne and her friends! To see the answers, highlight the space next to the questions.

Can you name Lizzy Anne’s new neighbor from New York CityAbigail

What is the name of Lizzy Anne’s grandparents’ dog? Gus

Can you name the cow and her owner who won 1st prize in the dairy contest? Betsy and Grandma Nana

What did the banner at the entrance of the fair say? Welcome to the Great County Fair

What was the signal Jeffery suggested to give his classmates on the school bus? Stomping his foot three times

Can you name the substitute teacher in Volume 4? Mrs. Stewing

In Volume 4, what happened to the list? Precious ate it

What are the names of Mr. and Mrs. Richardsons’ pet birds? Knick and Knack

Why was Lizzy Anne seeing double? Because of her new baby sisters

What was in Mrs. Stewing’s container? Chocolate chip cookies

What are the names of Missy Maxwell’s three brothers? Jeremy, Joshua, and Justin

What state does Grandma Nana live in? Virginia

What was the name of the fancy restaurant? La Pierre

How much money did Lizzy Anne and Missy make at the car wash? $70