Sunday, October 28, 2012

Volume 4: The Great County Fair

Fall means apple cider, colorful leaves, and the Great County Fair!

Once a year the fairgrounds come to life as the fair moves into town. Lizzy Anne is extremely excited to find that her grandparents will be showing their beloved cow Bessie in the fair. However, she does not expect things to go terribly awry!

While Lizzy is petting the piglets and pigging out on cotton candy, Bessie is up to no good. Lizzy finds out the hard way that Bessie knows how to unlock her stall gate. A whole herd of trouble arises!

Don’t have a cow! Pick up a copy today to find out how Lizzy lassos the problem!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Volume 3: Lizzy Anne's Vacation Plans

Even though it's autumn here, Lizzy Anne's mind is on summer! Summer vacation, to be exact. Little Lizzy Anne is thrilled at the idea of spending a week at the beach soaking up the sun and splashing in the waves. She can barely contain her excitement!

Unfortunately for her, school is still in session. Summer might be right around the corner, but there are still tests to be taken. But those don't stop Lizzy Anne from daydreaming about her time at the beach.

Will the slip in her grades jeopardize Lizzy's chances of going on her dream vacation? Pick up a copy and find out!