Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Volume 3: The Fancy Restaurant

Volume 3: The Fancy Restaurant

When Grandma Nana calls to talk about a surprise she has for Lizzy Anne’s parents, Lizzy wants to contribute something too!

For the Ryans’ anniversary, Grandma Nana decides that she’s going to take the family to a fancy French restaurant. When Lizzy’s mother says that she has nothing fancy to wear, Lizzy and Missy team up to buy Mrs. Ryan a gorgeous gown.

When the funds in the piggy bank fall short, Missy comes to the only logical conclusion: a Super Duper Car Wash!

Pick up a copy and join Lizzy Anne in some good, clean, car-washing fun!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Lizzy Anne's Adventures Fun Facts

Try out this fun mini-quiz about Lizzy Anne and her friends! To see the answers, highlight the space next to the questions.

What is Lizzy Anne's favorite color? Red
What is the name of Lizzy Anne's brother? Ollie
Who is Lizzy Anne's best friend? Missy Maxwell
Where does Lizzy Anne live? Lincoln County
What grade is Lizzy Anne in? Third grade
What is the name of Lizzy Anne's teacher? Mrs. Blume
What is the name of the school Lizzy Anne goes to? Lincoln Elementary
What is the name of Lizzy Anne's puppy? Jack
What kind of puppy does she have? Beagle
What is Bruce's nickname? B.B. - or "Big Bad Bruce"!
What language does Lizzy Anne try out at her car wash? French
What are the names of the ponies that Lizzy Anne had at her birthday party? Pumpkin and Lollipop
What did Lizzy Anne forget to pack for her play? Her fishing rod
What was Lizzy Anne's job at The Jet? Newspaper delivery
What did Lizzy Anne overhear her parents talking about when she eavesdropped on them? Moving

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Volume 2: Lizzy Anne and the Hollywood Puppy

Lights, camera - puppy?!

Little puppy Jack has finally settled into the house, but Lizzy Anne is as excited to have him around as ever. When Father gives Lizzy Anne permission to use the camcorder, she gets the idea of making a movie of Jack.

As Lizzy is preparing Jack to be a Hollywood star, she is also busy rehearsing for her own school play. In the rush between fulfilling her promise to play with Jack and getting ready for the play, Lizzy forgets her fishing pole prop - but she ends up with quite the surprising onstage guest instead!

Pick up a copy and discover who is the secret star of the show!