Sunday, October 16, 2011

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Volume Two: Lizzy Anne's New Puppy

"Man's best friend" has become "girl's best friend"!

Bouncing off the walls from the day's start, Lizzy Anne skips out the door singing "Today is the day I'm going to get my new puppy!" Her parents try to calm her down, as does her neighbor Mr. Williams, but even he is swayed towards liking dogs by Lizzy Anne's enthusiasm. There was also quite the comical trading card anecdote – avid collectors would know exactly how the little Mr. Williams would feel!

Lizzy Anne and Missy spend a while daydreaming about their new puppy before they leave for the rescue. It's love at first sight for Lizzy Anne - and the next story continues the puppy love!

Pick up a copy and find out just what this puppy is like!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Volume Two: Lizzy Anne's 8th Birthday Party + Event Reminder!

Happy birthday, Lizzy Anne!

A cake, balloons, a clown, and even ponies! The excitement is just too great when Lizzy Anne starts thinking about her birthday party. Throughout the entire school day, she is distracted by thoughts of how wonderful her birthday is going to be.

When the day arrives, Lizzy Anne jumps for joy! Soon after that, the guests start arriving and the chaos begins; flowers appear out of nowhere, sack races are won, and Bruce gets the pony ride of his life!

Pick up a copy and celebrate with Lizzy!

And don't forget about the Meet the Author & Illustrator event, coming up in October!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Mark Your Calendar!

Don't forget about the Meet the Author & Illustrator event, coming up in October!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Kids' Comments on Lizzy Anne's Adventures

"Baby Ollie reminds me of my little cousin Parker. I was holding him for the first time when he started eating my shirt! It seemed like something Ollie would do."
                                                                                       - Nicole B. Age 12

"Can I have another Lizzy Anne Story? My favorite character is 'Big Bad Bruce'."

                                                                                       - Matthew B. Age 9

"I love the pictures and I thought they were cute. I really liked Lizzy Anne as a character."

                                                                                       - Alex K. Age 4

Monday, July 25, 2011

Review for "Meet the Clemendales"

In “Meet the Clemendales” you will join Jimmy and his older sister as they spend the day in the zoo. The Clemendales (a family of bears!) find a backpack that smells delicious! What’s inside? Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches! When Jimmy and his sister find the backpack, they find the Clemendales – mom, dad and child, having fun at the zoo like everyone else! Jimmy gets his backpack, and Mrs. Clemendale gets the recipe for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

“Meet the Clemendales” is a fun story for beginning readers. Kids will enjoy the family of talking bears, and will be able to relate to the situation – losing a backpack in the zoo. I enjoyed the story very much.

Don’t miss the fun… look for “Meet the Clemendales” – coming soon!

-Angela Thompson, elementary school teacher

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Meet the Author and Illustrator (event)!

Meet the Author!

Come meet children’s author Sharon Wagner-Zarrella and illustrator Vidya Vasudevan!

The “Lizzy Anne’s Adventures” team will be at the Urbana Regional Library in Frederick, Maryland on October 20th. Come see us at 3:00 p.m.!

Writer Sharon Wagner-Zarrella was born in Washington, D.C., and moved to Prince George’s County, Maryland, when she was five. She is the eldest of three children. Later in her life, she applied for a secretarial position with the Department of Navy. After getting married and having a daughter, she took to being a stay-at- home mom. In addition to her daughter, she is also the mother of five spoiled dogs.

She began writing 10 years ago and quickly found a passion for children's books. In the past few years, she has published three picture books (ages 1-4) and a children's series called “Lizzy Anne's Adventures” (ages 5-10). She is currently working on more volumes of “Lizzy Anne’s Adventures” and various picture books.

Her family has been the primary source of inspiration for her work, and she loves writing children’s books because she enjoys the challenge of forming and developing just the right characters for her stories and bringing a smile to a child’s face.

Illustrator Vidya Vasudevan was born in India, but from the age of one, lived in Africa where her Dad worked. She was in Uganda for five years and Mozambique for ten. After high school, she pursued higher studies in Kerala, India. She found that every state in India has its very unique culture, climate and landscape as well as language. The scenes and experiences in the varied regions of India give her inspiration in her illustrations and designs.

She graduated in English Literature and then continued her post-graduation in the same field. Her passion has always been in a field unrelated to her studies, and that is illustration. At a very young age, she would gaze at her favorite children’s book illustrations and think, “I would like to do that one day!”

She got a job at an animation company where she worked for a year. During this time she got married and joined her husband in the US after six months. She now works as a children’s book illustrator and a graphic designer as well as a full-time mother to two children.

Leave a comment if you will be attending! Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Picture Book: Who Are You?

Who are you?

When a mysterious, orphaned egg begins hatching, the mothers of the barnyard each take a turn showing it love.

Affection is shown in unique and surprising ways as each of the animals offers comfort and care to the approaching newborn. Together, their efforts help the egg hatch into an unexpected friend!

Young readers (recommended ages 1-4) will learn that every person has their own way of displaying fondness, and that love makes incredible things happen.

You can pick up a copy at,, or at your local bookstore!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Volume One: Eavesdropping

A super-new spy kit leads to a super-new discovery when Lizzy Anne overhears something potentially drastic – her family might be moving again!

Secret Agent Lizzy Anne decides not to keep her newfound news a secret, and ends up spreading it around the neighborhood. Soon enough, the whole school, including the principal, is under the impression that she will be leaving!

Follow Lizzy Anne as she attempts to clean up the mess that she doesn’t even know she’s made, and join her as she figures out the consequences of eavesdropping and making assumptions!

Pick up a copy and find out why Lizzy Anne is not destined for a career in the CIA!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Soon to Arrive!

Stories that the author will be publishing in the future include:

-Meet the Clemendales
-Just Like Me
-My Name Is Charlie
-Sorry Charlie
-Everybody Goes Nighty-Night
-Matching Skills
-Matching Shapes and Sizes
-The Super Blanky

Check back for more information!

You can purchase existing books at,, or at your local bookstore!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Character Introductions

Meet Lizzy Anne and her friends!

Lizzy Anne - Hi, my name is Lizzy Anne Ryan and I'm eight years old. I have a very best friend in the whole universe named Missy Maxwell. I go to Lincoln Elementary School. I'm in the third grade and I’m also in Mrs. Blume's class. I have a baby brother named Ollie who is eight months old. My favorite color is red.

Missy Maxwell – Hi, my name is Missy Maxwell and I am eight years old. I have a very best friend in the whole universe named Lizzy Anne Ryan. I go to Lincoln Elementary School. I'm in the third grade and I’m also in Mrs. Blume's class. I have three older brothers whose names are Jeremy, Joshua, Tristan. My favorite color is green.

Bruce Brown – Hi, my name is Bruce Brown. I’m Lizzy Anne’s friend. I am eight years old, and go to Lincoln Elementary school. I'm in third grade, Mrs. Blume's class. My favorite color is orange. I have three younger sisters and three older brothers so I guess you could say I’m stuck in the middle. My sisters’ names are Ruby, Rhonda, and Rhoda. Try saying those names three times fast! My older brothers’ names are Brian, Ryan, and Regan. Now try saying all six names really fast!

Jeffery Miller – Hi, my name is Jeffery Miller and I’m eight years old. We just moved into the neighborhood. My parents bought the house down the street from Lizzy Anne. It’s pretty cool! So now I go to Lincoln Elementary School. I’m in the third grade and I’m also in Mrs. Blume's class. I deliver The Jet newspaper. My favorite color is gray.

Elizabeth Webster – Hi, my name is Elizabeth Webster (just like the dictionary!) and I am eight years old. I am a friend of Lizzy Anne. I go to Lincoln Elementary School. I’m in the third grade and I’m also in Mrs. Blume’s class and I get straight A's. My parents tell me we have royalty in our family. My favorite color is pink. My favorite flowers are white roses; they are fit for a princess.

Cindy Shepard – Hi, my name is Cindy Shepard. My family just moved here from Chicago, better know as the Windy City. I am eight years old and I go to Lincoln Elementary School. I'm in the third grade and I’m also in Mrs. Blume's class. I have twin sisters who are younger than I am, and their names are Abigail and Rachel. My favorite color is purple. I started swimming when I was three years old and now I am on a competitive swim team.

See what tomfoolery they get up to in Lizzy Anne’s Adventures! You can purchase a copy of Lizzy Anne’s Adventures at,, or at your local bookstore!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Volume One: Allowance

What kid doesn’t like to make money?

Lizzy finds out that all of her classmates are being given weekly allowance by their parents. Her mother and father don’t seem to be convinced, even though Lizzy Anne feels that she can handle the responsibility.

In this story, we also meet Lizzy’s neighbor, Jeffrey. When Jeffrey comes over with a packet of items to sell for a school fundraiser, Lizzy Anne gets an idea.

Lizzy Anne is eager to get a job. Jeffrey has a very important job working at The Jet. Lizzy asks her parents about getting a job like Jeffrey’s - and while they are not totally convinced, her idea sees to be more effective than just asking for regular old allowance!

Pick up a copy and find out how Lizzy Anne handles being part of the working world!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Volume 1: Lizzy Anne's First Day of Third Grade

Summer has just started for kids, but Lizzy Anne is setting out on her first adventure- the start of a brand new school!

On that morning, her baby brother makes a gigantic mess of things. Already caught in chaos, her day is off to a rocky start.

Lizzy Anne is nervous as she walks into a class full of kids she doesn’t know. In this chapter, we are introduced to the main cast of the series: “Big Bad” Bruce Brown, Elizabeth Webster, who loves sharing a name with the dictionary, little miss Missy Maxwell, and many more!

Pick up a copy, meet her other new friends, and see how Lizzy’s day ends!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Intro to Picture Books

In addition to the Lizzy Anne’s Adventures series, the author has also written a series of picture books. These books are geared for the ages of 1 – 4. They tell stories of friendship, discovery, and love.

Will You Be My Friend? is the story of two puppies, Loppy and Floppy, who are searching for friendship with determination. Along the way, they meet a variety of farm animals that don’t seem very intent on being friends. In the end, they all learn an important lesson about acceptance.

Rain, Rain, Go Away! is the story of a pair of twins discovering that a rainy day isn’t always bad. Stuck inside due to the weather, the two begin thinking about all that rain does for nature. When the storm passes, they find out just how much rain affects the world around them.

Who Are You? is the story of a group of animal mothers developing love for an new baby. They each take a turn helping to hatch an unidentified egg. By showing compassion in their individual ways, they all play a part in welcoming a new family member.

The author has also written a number of other picture books that will be released within the next few months. Stay tuned for updates on these!

You can purchase any of these books at,, or at your local bookstore!

Happy reading!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Meet Lizzy Anne!

A new school, a new town, a new baby brother. And, of course, a whole new set of adventures to be had!
Meet Lizzy Anne. She’s seven years old, loves making friends, and sometimes ends up in a heap of trouble!
The series Lizzy Anne’s Adventures consists of four volumes (at the moment), which detail her experiences in settling into her new home in Lincoln County. The series includes stories about Lizzy’s first day of third grade, her exciting birthday party, her adoption of a puppy, and many more! By picking up these books, young readers will be transported to the world of a young girl who is not much different than they are. The books teach family values, respect, and the importance of acceptance.
Interested readers can pick up copies of Lizzy Anne’s Adventures through or or at your local bookstore!