Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Meet Lizzy Anne!

A new school, a new town, a new baby brother. And, of course, a whole new set of adventures to be had!
Meet Lizzy Anne. She’s seven years old, loves making friends, and sometimes ends up in a heap of trouble!
The series Lizzy Anne’s Adventures consists of four volumes (at the moment), which detail her experiences in settling into her new home in Lincoln County. The series includes stories about Lizzy’s first day of third grade, her exciting birthday party, her adoption of a puppy, and many more! By picking up these books, young readers will be transported to the world of a young girl who is not much different than they are. The books teach family values, respect, and the importance of acceptance.
Interested readers can pick up copies of Lizzy Anne’s Adventures through or or at your local bookstore!

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